oasis naturopathic medicine of phoenix

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine is a system of treating the whole person and finding the cause of disease. Naturopathic Physicians are licensed, primary care providers in the state of Arizona and a number of other states. They are able to prescribe medicines, perform laboratory tests and are covered by some Insurance Carriers.  

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holistic nutrition at oasis naturopathic of phoenix


Good nutrition is more than just eating a balanced diet. It is an integral part of the treatment of disease and the maintenance of good health. Various diets are needed for the different stages of life. For people with chronic conditions, the severity of symptoms is often dependent on diet. An extensive evaluation of a patient's diet is the foundation for an individualized plan of treatment.  

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image of herbal medicine used by naturopathic doctors

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is one of the earliest forms of medicine and is used throughout the world. Many of our modern day pharmaceuticals have been derived from plants. One plant can contain different healing constituents depending on which part is used. The side effects from herbal medicines are rare because the overall effect is more gentle and balanced.    

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intravenous therapy of nutrients and vitamins

I.V. Therapy

I.V. nutrient therapy is a quick and effective means of delivering vitamins and minerals to the body by bypassing the G.I. system. It’s particularly helpful for patients undergoing aggressive pharmaceutical therapies such as chemotherapy, strong antibiotics, and strong antivirals. Vitamin C therapy, long advocated by Linus Pauling, is one of the more common therapies utilized.    

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naturopathic doctors use acupuncture to treat pain and other bodily dysfunctions


Acupuncture is an ancient modality of healing rooted in China. It's effective for inflammation, circulatory conditions, pain syndromes and other acute and chronic conditions. Most people report little to no pain upon insertion of the very fine acupuncture needles. Heat therapy and Electrical stimulation is often used in addition to the needles. Many find it relaxing and helpful in managing stress.  

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natural wieght loss program using natural methods

Weight Loss

Weight loss programs are individualized to each patient. A variety of eating plans and natural supplements promote safe and effective weight loss. Discovery of food sensitivities and allergies help determine which program will work best. The HCG diet is utilized for patients that qualify. Each plan accompanies a series of natural products that keep patients focused on their goal.  

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