Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you accept insurance?

Most insurance other than Medicare will cover labs and imaging. Visits are usually not covered. Banner Health Choice Plus covers a certain amount of visits per year. Some United Health Care plans will cover visits.

2. Can you write a prescription?

Yes. Although trying to correct the condition naturally is the first choice, there are times when prescriptions are necessary. Patients that are already on medication can continue to get medically necessary prescription from Dr. Santora.

Patients that would like to wean off of prescription medications or would like to decrease their dosage can often does so by replacing prescription medications with more natural treatments.

3. Can I stop taking my prescription medicines?

It is not unusual to patients to want to discontinue prescription medicine. The side effects, cross reactions, and expense of prescription medications can be a problem. Sometimes the benefits of prescription medications can be achieved with natural treatments. Other times natural treatments can be used to reduce the required dosage of a prescription medication which may be sufficient to reduce side effects to an acceptable level. However, modifying the dosage or completely discontinuing a medically necessary prescription should not be attempted without close medical supervision.

4. What can I expect during a new patient visit?

A typical visit will range from half an hour to 1.5 hours.

A detailed assessment will take place and an exam will be performed. The patient will be asked many questions about their condition, lifestyle, diet, and medications or supplements.

5. How much does an office visit cost?

One half hour starts at $75.00, and a full hour and a half will be $150.00. Follow up visits start at $25.00 for 10 minutes and increases with time.

6. Can natural medicine help treat cancer?

Absolutely. Diet, IV therapy, Acupuncture and essential vitamins and minerals can assist in helping patients with cancer as well as keeping them healthy throughout their standard treatment as well.

7. I’ve tried every diet but can’t lose weight. Can natural medicine help?

Yes. Much emphasis is placed on mapping out an individual life long plan that helps maintain goal weight. Natural supplements are given as well to help replenish any vitamin and mineral deficiencies and aid with the process.

8. Can I have lab-work done at your office?

Yes. Most patients that have standard insurance will be sent to Sonora Quest or Lab Cop. There is an affordable in house cash lab for patients that do not have standard coverage or who have a large deductible.

9. What conditions do you treat?

Just about any chronic condition can be helped by Naturopathic Medicine. Acute trauma is best dealt with in the ER.

10. What ages do you treat?

All ages are welcome.