I.V. Therapy

intravenous vitamin therapy at oasis naturopathic of phoenixWith IV treatments, nutrients are delivered directly into the bloodstream. This allows nutrients to be delivered to the cells passively, with little or no effort from the body.

There are other I.V. Therapies available – including
Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy and
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Vitamin C Therapy

What is Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps bind toxins in the body as well as boosting immunity and maintaining skin health. It is also vital for maintaining a healthy and functioning metabolism.

What are the Benefits of Vitamin C Therapy?

The benefits of Vitamin C Therapy are increased vitality, health, and wellness. Most Americans are deficient in Vitamin C or are only getting the bare minimum of the recommended daily dosage of Vitamin C. If you are suffering from certain conditions such as Cancer or Heart Disease then you will benefit from a higher than normal dose of Vitamin C. When the body is in a state of depletion it is highly absorbent of the Vitamin.

What Conditions are Improved Through the Use of Vitamin C Therapy?

Some of the conditions improved with Vitamin C Therapy are: Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, Cataracts, Lowered Blood Pressure, Anemia, High Cholesterol, and general Vitamin Depletion.

What Can I Expect while Undergoing Vitamin C Therapy?

Your Physician will start the IV by having you sit down and get comfortable and then insert an almost painless butterfly needle into your forearm and then connect you to the IV tubing. You can expect to spend about forty-five minutes to an hour hooked up to an IV and having the vitamins infuse into your system.

Vitamin B Therapy

What is Vitamin B Injection Therapy?

Vitamin B Injection Therapy is a form of treatment that utilizes Vitamin B in a liquid form and is directly administered as an injection. When injected the vitamin is more potent than when it is administered as an oral supplement.

What is Vitamin B Injection Therapy Used For?

Vitamin B Therapy can be used to treat forms of anemia, help perpetuate weight-loss and maintain metabolism, as well as increase energy. Vitamin B also helps improve and maintain skin health as well as mental clarity.

Is Vitamin B Injection Therapy Right For Me?

If you suffer from chronic fatigue, Anemia, or are attempting to lose or maintain weight loss please consult with your Physician about whether or not Vitamin B Injections are right for you. Your Physician can further advise you as to what regimen will be best for you if it is determined that you will benefit from Vitamin B Injection Therapy.

Stress Depletion of Vitamins

Stress depletion of vitamins

Stress, as we all know is bad for you. It kills our mood, damages our psyches, and it also destroys our health. Not only does stress rob us of both long and short-term health it also depletes our bodies of Vitamin stores and other essential nutrients.

Stress causes the body to secrete hormones and consume nutrients and vitamins at a higher rate than usual. This is because the body perceives that there is a threat and must perform at peak output. This is acceptable in short doses and important if an adrenaline surge is needed. However, over time or on a prolonged basis it causes the body to deplete and soon you are literally “running on empty”.

If you think that you are chronically stressed then please talk with your Physician about your options. Your Physician will evaluate you for stress level and vitamin levels. After this assessment is made your Physician will determine what level of vitamin therapy will be necessary as well as help you to develop stress-management and coping techniques.