New Patients

Image of young healthy family for oasis naturopathic medicine of phoenix new patients pageWhat to expect during your first office visit:

Your first office visit with a naturopathic doctor typically takes one to two hours. Your naturopathic physician considers teaching you how to live healthfully to be one of his or her primary goals, so the time is devoted to discussing and explaining principles of health maintenance, as well as your medical condition.

The relationship begins with a thorough medical history and interview process designed to view all aspects of your lifestyle. If needed, the physician will perform standard diagnostic procedures including a physical exam and blood and urine analysis. Once a good understanding of your health and disease status is established (diagnosing an illness is only one part of this process), you and your doctor work together to establish a treatment and health-promoting program.

**We ask that you print and fill out the NEW PATIENT INTAKE FORMS before your first visit, and please bring it with you to the appointment.

You can download the Release of Records form and fax it to your Medical Doctor. This gives them your consent to fax a copy of your lab work to my office. Another option is to bring this form with you to our visit, and I can fax it to your Medical Doctor.


  1. CONSENT FOR TREATMENT (.pdf)    (.doc)
  2. DISCLOSURE OF RECORDS (.pdf)    (.doc)
  3. PATIENT HISTORY (.pdf)   (.doc)
  4. PATIENT INFORMATION (.pdf)   (.doc)