Health: The Mind-body Connection

The Mind-body connection to healthHealth is an important factor for all of us. We all know that sickness and accidents can rob us of this precious commodity; however stress can also lead to loss of health as well. Stress breaks the mind-body connection that is so important to maintaining the body’s normal level of equilibrium. Many illnesses and diseases can be linked to prolonged stress.

Any form of change can cause stress – even positive change such as a promotion – and this stress can cause both acute and chronic symptoms. Maintaining a positive outlook on life and learning how to understand and manage your emotions is an important part of health maintenance.

Regular emotional counseling and support is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Talking with your physician and allowing them to gauge your emotional state will allow them a better picture of the underlying causes of your health concerns and they can help you develop healthy coping mechanisms and patterns.

Please feel free to talk to your Healthcare Provider about any emotional concerns you have or any health conditions that you think have stress related triggers, as well as emotional patterns you would like to overcome such as eating or shopping.