Weight Loss

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The HCG Diet has experienced a recent increase in popularity lately. This is due to its ease of practice and its consistently yielding good results. This diet is a combination of hormone shots and dietary planning.

The reason everyone loves this diet plan is because really it is a lifestyle and body training program. It helps you not only achieve a goal weight but, when properly followed can help you keep off the pounds. It’s a great alternative to traditional “fad” and “yo-yo” diets that don’t yield lasting or healthy results.

It is important that this diet plan be supervised by the care of a Physician because before starting any diet- particularly one utilizing hormone therapy – it is important to have basic blood work and a comprehensive physical done to ensure you receive the correct dosage of HCG and are consuming the correct amount of calories based on the diet plan.

If the diet is not performed under the care and supervision of a Physician then optimum results will not be achieved and you could seriously injure your health. You could develop hormone problems and Muscle-Skeletal problems with side-effects such as fatigue, hair loss, and muscle degeneration.

There are many individualized weight loss programs other than HCG that encompass food plans, supplements, and vitamin injections.

If you are interested a weight loss program please ask  Dr. Santora for an information.